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Follow Me by David Platt
Jenni Keltner, Director of Children’s Ministry
Jesus calls each of us to follow him. After we pray and ask Jesus to forgive us of all our sins and welcome him into our lives, it doesn’t stop there. In Matthew 4:19 we are commanded to come and follow Jesus and he will make us fishers of men. Matthew 28:19 says go and make disciples of ALL nations. But how many of us are following these commands? Are we making disciples of all nations? Are we even sharing the Good News of Jesus with others? As Christians, true followers of Jesus, we are commanded to. Yes, we might share within our comfort zone. But what if everyone just shared within their comfort zone?
In the book “Follow Me” by David Platt, he touches on all the above and so much more. After you read this I guarantee you will be asking yourself if you are doing what Jesus commanded you to do? Are you making disciples so that they can make disciples and then those make disciples and on and on? Truly a convicting book and made me stop and ask some questions of my own life.
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