What is Cornerstone Connect?

The intention, vision and goal of Cornerstone Connect is to connect people at Cornerstone with the Word and work of God in the community. Also, it is to connect the people of Cornerstone with each other.
It has 3 basic legs to build on:
1- Connect Courses  
2- Connect Groups  
3- Connect Curriculum


Connect Course: This is a course on Christian Maturity and a deeper knowledge of God and His Word. The theme is “Kingdom Culture” and the Christian’s transformation. The format is very open for discussion and asking questions. There are short topical ideas with Scripture that help steer the conversation.   This group discussion happens on the 1st and 3rd Monday night in the coffee shop. We start promptly at 7 PM and end just as promptly at 8 PM.

Connect Coffee Chat: This is a very casual time together in the coffee shop on the 2nd and 4th Monday nights at 7 PM in the coffee shop. It is very laid back, with no other purpose than to get to know one another. If you have not had a chance to just visit with Pastor Ron, this is a great time for that. Questions about the church or the Staff, or about God are all welcome.

Connect Groups: This part of Cornerstone Connect is about small groups meeting together in homes or at the church for the purpose of Christian fellowship. There may be several different types of connect groups; some will focus more on food, some on Biblical discussion, some just on relationships. Some of the groups already discussed and “in process” are:     

1- 4Fellowship:  4 couples that will meet once a month, in homes for 4 months.
2- Prime Timers:  Older adults, but not necessarily seniors. They meet monthly   at the home of Doug and Joyce Bundy. They share some food and have time for fellowship and the breaking of the Bread of God’s Word.
3- Young Women in the Word – Fearlessly Connected: Channing Smith leads this group of young women, ages 17-25. The group is focused around a Facebook group to fit in with the ladies’ busy schedules and will cover everything from books to podcasts to sharing words of encouragement with each other. 


Connect Curriculum: This is a key component in learning and applying God’s Word in life through email communication. It will include fundamental Bible knowledge on issues of growing in the Bible. Our goal is to inspire, encourage and equip ourselves in the truth of God’s Word.

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